Service and Repairs

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As much as we might think otherwise, fine jewelry is not maintenance free. Service, repairs and periodic cleaning and inspection by a professional jeweler is necessary to keep your treasures beautiful and durable. We suggest a once-a-year check-up which involves cleaning and prong inspection to make sure the stones are tight, and the prongs haven’t bent or worn to the point of the stones becoming loose. We perform this inspection and cleaning FREE of charge.



Jewelry service repairs take many forms: repairing a bracelet, sizing a ring, rebuilding a worn hinge on a locket, rebuilding the prongs on a diamond ring. We do it all right here in our store. We have reasonable rates, and a fairly fast turn-around time, usually within a week.
We treat your valuables with great care, taking the time to do it right. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


After years of wear, jewelry can become scratched, dented, discolored, dull, or tarnished. It is a process to get them looking new again. First, we first bead blast the piece, followed by painstakingly sanding and refinishing the detail with special polishing compounds to restore your keepsakes to beautiful, near-new condition.

Additional Services

•Pearl Stringing
•Watch Batteries
•Wish List
•Gift Wrap


Your valuables are safe with us. After more than 30 years in business, we have NEVER lost a customers piece of jewelry due to theft, disaster, or any other reason. We have the latest and best in security systems to make sure your items are secure.

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