Layaway Plan

A popular way of making a purchase is layaway. This enables the customer who plans in advance to make a purchase for a special occasion, to spread out the payments over several months, with no finance charge. Credit history is not necessary. Typically a 25% deposit is paid, then each month a payment of 25%. When the last payment is made, the customer picks up the item. There are unlimited ways the payments can be structured, even longer for some items.


While we have reasonable prices, we won’t be untruthful like some jewelers and claim we have wholesale prices. The simple fact is, wholesale is what jewelers and department stores pay for their merchandise, then sell it at a profit. That’s what all stores do to make a living. You won’t see 60% off sales here, because we don’t make that much on it to begin with, so we would be out of business if we did. Our prices are low retail, we have good quality, we stand behind everything we sell, and we have thousands of happy customers here and around the world.