Jewelry Inspection is a Must to Keep Your Jewelry in Good Shape

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Having your jewelry inspected is vital to keep your jewelry in top shape. It is a good idea to take your items in to be looked at by a qualified jeweler. Just like a car needs constant maintenance, so does your jewelry! A prong may snag, wear down, or break off completely without you knowing it. Earrings and pendants are damaged less due to the area in which they are worn. Since we use our hands for everything during the day, rings and bracelets see the most damage. As a result, items that are worn daily such as a wedding ring or a favorite bracelet should be checked every 6 months to a year.

We offer free inspection at our store. So bring in your items today to ensure that your stones are secure in their mountings. It is much better to build up a prong or two when they become thin rather then risk losing your precious diamond or gemstone and have to get a new one.

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