Jewelry Designing

Our process

We perform all phases of jewelry designing and manufacturing in our own workshop. We will sketch a design, create a model out of wax to show the customer, make the mold of the wax (called investment), place the mold in the furnace to burn out the wax, and cast the item in gold or white gold. Then we polish the piece and set the stones.
The fun part about designing is we can create almost anything imaginable. Styles range from avant-garde to traditional, and everything in between. Bring in your ideas or photos and we can dream up something fantastic together. A popular way to create a custom piece is by using the customer’s stone from an old piece of jewelry to create something new. Sometimes we can even reuse the old gold.
We have been doing jewelry designing for more than 30 years, so we are very knowledgeable about it. We encourage your questions, as we realize this is an area most people do not know much about. We are here to serve YOU.
Come into the store so we can give you a free no obligation estimate. We are friendly and easy-going, so you can relax and make it a fun and interesting experience.
Below are some examples of custom creations we have made. They are not available for sale as they belong to satisfied customers who are currently wearing them.


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