Family-Owned Jewelry Stores vs. Large Chain Corporations


Some people may wonder “What is the difference between a family-owned jewelry store versus a large corporate chain of jewelry stores?”

We can certainly explain a few reasons! A large jewelry store deals with thousands of customers. They sell mass marketed jewelry made by the thousands. When marketing multi-million dollar ad campaigns, these large stores have to be able to guarantee those designs to be in stock so they are made in factories that produce them as fast as they can make them. If you are looking for a truly unique custom design, it won’t be in a chain store. If you are searching for a more rare stone, you won’t find it there either because they can’t replicate it thousands of times over.

Take natural blue zircon, for example. It was widely known as the birthstone for the month of December. With mines diminishing in supply, it is becoming much harder to obtain. Chain stores cannot mass produce these stones because there are fewer available. As a result, they have marketed an alternative stone, blue topaz, because it is more abundant. People have accepted this “new birthstone” due to the marketing by these large chains.

If you are searching for a stone that is unique, we have a better chance of having it or being able to find it. We have an American-born gem importer who makes his first U.S. stop right to our store and offers us the best selection he has to offer!

We care about each and every one of our customers. We treat each person as if they were our family and their jewelry as if it were our own. We are a family-operated store and want you to feel comfortable. Jewelry should be a fun purchase! Not an intimidating one. We do not have sales quotas to meet nor do we work on commission. You won’t get pressure from us! We love what we do and if we can help find a beautiful new piece of jewelry for you, help repair a treasured antique or even that ever-so-loved wedding set, then we have done our job.

There are many reasons why family jewelry stores differ from corporate chains, but these are just a few to name.

For almost 40 years in the business, we have regular customers that can attest to our high standards. We guarantee that a gemologist is always on site and can answer any questions you may have. If you haven’t been into our store, we invite you to come in, say hi and see what we are all about! We hope to see you soon!

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