Be Mindful

Be careful who you’re buying from online. Use caution when buying jewelry on the internet. We have seen many instances where quality has been misrepresented resulting in heartbreak. In one instance a lady came into the store asking for our opinion. She had paid $2,500.00 for a ruby pendant which turned out to be fake. The seller couldn’t be found.
Some jewelry offered on the internet has substandard workmanship which you can’t see in a photo. Again be careful who you’re buying from. Photographs, while impressive, do not do fine jewelry justice. We recommend coming into our store to try the jewelry on, and you will SEE the quality.
With us, ring sizing is included FREE with every ring purchase. Sometimes we can even size the ring the same day, if time will allow, since we do it right here in the store.
Some internet rings can’t be sized. The sellers will tell you it can be sized, but they won’t do it. Then you’re stuck with a ring that doesn’t fit.
Be careful who you’re buying from. We stand behind everything we sell. We have been since 1979. Most of our longtime customers are still wearing the jewelry they bought from us 35+ years ago!
We don’t sell jewelry on-line. We recommend you come in the store to SEE the jewelry, try it on, and EXPERIENCE THE BEAUTY.