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Appraisals on more valuable items are necessary for two reasons.  You need to know exactly what you have and what it’s worth.  And your Insurance company needs to know what you have and what it’s worth.  They will need a copy of the appraisal so in the event of a loss, they will know how much to reimburse you.  Most insurance companies are now requiring the appraisals to be done by a certified Gemologist.


Being a gemologist, Kevin has the ability to distinguish natural stones versus synthetic stones.  Why aren’t all green stones emerald and all red stones ruby?  Because each gem species have their own combination of physical and optical properties.  We have the gemological lab equipment to test the properties of stones, such as, light refraction, polarization, specific gravity, fluorescence, and spectrum.

Now with so many new synthetic stones and artificial treatments to enhance the appearance of stones, it is imperative to have a qualified professional evaluate your jewelry.   We carefully inspect and grade each diamond or gemstone, and do the proper market research to arrive at an estimated replacement cost.

Estate Appraisals

We also write estate appraisals, helping the executor arrive at a liquidation value to assist in settling estates.

Do I need an appointment?

Drop-ins are welcome, although it is more efficient to make an appointment for larger collections of jewelry.  Smaller appraisals of 2 or 3 items can be done in 24 to 48 hours.  More pieces will take a little longer.  If you have any previous appraisals on the item you want reappraised, bringing the previous paperwork will help expedite the appraisal process and assist us in knowing the exact weight of stones.  We do not remove stones from mountings to do appraisals.

Jewelry Consultation

Occasionally customers will bring in Grandma’s jewelry box with numerous items to be identified as gold and genuine stones versus imitation.  In the past we haven’t charged for this service, however due to the time consuming nature of this process, we now charge a small service charge for Jewelry Consultation Services.