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Three Generations of Jewelers

Erika, Jack and Kevin.

Erika, Jack and Kevin.

Early on as a child in the late 50’s Kevin Schimke remembers playing in the back room of his father’s jewelry store in El Cerrito, California. Little did he know at the time, this was helping form his future career. By 1971 in the 11th grade, he was working full time during the summer, and part time after school in an apprenticeship role performing jewelry repairs. He married Bella in 1977. In 1978 Kevin attended the world renowned Gemological Institute of America, earning the title of Gemologist. Moving to Stockton in 1979, he established Kevin Schimke Jewelers on the Miracle Mile. His daughter Erika Schimke Reese now joins him in operating the store. Erika has a bachelor’s degree in business from Stanislaus State University, as well as two AA degrees.

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Parade Design a new inspiration in engagement jewelry


Hemera Bridal

Hemera’s classic and highly sculptural pieces are stylish and sophisticated. Incorporating curvaceous arcs with textured or polished precious metals, the Hemera collection offers enduring style adding a modern touch to classic design. Click here to see more

Hera Bridal

Vintage has never looked so new. Combining geometric shapes of art deco with ornate filigree and graceful milgrain detail, the Hera collection exemplifies true romance. Click here to see more

Lyria Bridal

At first blush, the rings in the Lyria® Collection are like delicate blossoms – breathtaking in their elegance and simplicity. Look closer and they shine with a beauty that is intricate, charming and extremely sophisticated. Lyria® strikes a balance between strength and beauty, which is symbolic of a union that will last a lifetime. Click here to see more

Reverie Bridal

Featuring a playful mixture of natural fancy color diamonds in artful designs, Reverie bridal perfectly reflects a woman’s independent spirit and desire to be unique. Click here to see more

Services overview

As much as we might think otherwise, fine jewelry is not maintenance free. Periodic cleaning and inspection by a professional jeweler is necessary to keep your treasures beautiful and durable. We suggest a once-a-year check-up which involves cleaning and prong inspection to make sure the stones are tight, and the prongs haven’t bent or worn to the point of the stones becoming loose. We perform this inspection and cleaning FREE of charge.